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4×4 Africa Disclaimer and Copyright

The information found on this website was gathered over a long time period, but is constantly revised and updated to be as current as possible. 4×4 Africa can however not be held liable for content and information accuracy. Neither be liable for the lack of article or discussion comprehensiveness.

Hyper-links to and from our website from 3rd party websites are for providing the reader with a greater and more comprehensive experience, and as does not constitute, endorse or promote such website, or it’s products.

If such referred hyper-links contain or promote spam or virus activity, it is done without the knowledge of 4×4 Africa. We can therefore not be held liable for any virus or spy/malware contracted by the user’s PC.

4x4Africa do not accept responsibility for the infringement of intellectual property rights or any other industrial rights on our web site information vis `s vis third parties.

The user may use the information contained in our website for personal use and for the enrichment and knowledge on Four Wheel Driving in Africa. However none of the content may be reproduced or used for commercial use without our approval. For approval, contact:×4-africa/

Therefore access and the use of the information contained in automatically implies that the user accepts the conditions of this disclaimer.

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Safe Web Privacy Disclaimer and Copyright