Zimbabwe 4×4 Trails

4x4 Africa - Zimbabwe 4x4 TrailsZimbabwe is more known for scenic tourist drives and stunning scenery, than 4×4 trails. There is no accurate information available on short, one day, independent off-road trails in Zimbabwe. However, there are bound to be some trails scattered around the country, but these are not advertised, apart from the track operated by the 4×4 Club of Zimbabwe at Donnybrook, and several self-drive safaris operated by a variety of tour operators.

The best thing to would be to contact a club, like: http://www.4×4.co.zw/ or 4x4clubzim@gmail.com, to enquire about the outings, tours, and training days they arrange. The club is also certain to be the best source of information on the location, availability, and conditions of local off-road trails or any other Zimbabwe 4×4 Trails.

Therefore if you are a four wheel driver seeking an adrenaline 4×4 trail, best to give Zim a miss then. But what Zim lacks in short 4×4 trails, it makes up in scenery and sights. Therefore enjoy what the place offers and get your kicks from Zambezi whitewater rafting instead. More on Zimbabwe Tourism for the off-road traveler >>

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