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Limpopo 4×4 Trails

Aardwolf AdventuresAardwolf Adventures

Closest Town/s: Modimolle, 1 km / Pretoria, 120 km

Grade (1 – 5): n/a

Type of Terrain: Sand, Rock, Mud, Obstacles.

Distance: n/a

Driving Time (estimated): n/a

Contact: n/a

Telephone: 083 501 0079 / 0722718693


GPS: -24.7159987, 28.3954650


All Fours All Fours

Closest Town/s: Nylstroom, Pretoria, 140 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Savannah, Sand, Mountains, Streams, and Wildlife

Distance: Various

Driving Time (estimated): 3 Trails of 3 hours, 1 hour, 0.5 hour.

Contact: Anvie Ventures

Telephone: 014 743 1665 / 012 662 0586


Website: n/a

Big Fig FarmBig Fig Farm 

Closest Town/s: Modimolle, 10 km

Grade  (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Scenic Drive, Grassy, Rocky

Distance (total): Rocky, Inclines, Scenic Drive

Driving Time (estimated): 2 hours

Contact: Anna Venter

Telephone: 072 123 0505


Website: n/a

Camp Aquila Camp Aquila

Closest Town/s: Louis Trichardt, 50 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 2

Type of Terrain: Scenic / Game Drive

Distance: 7km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 Hour

Contact: Petro / Marianne

Telephone: 071 657 5977



Grootwater Grootwater 

Closest Town/s: Vaalwater, 60 Km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 4

Type of Terrain: Rocks, Steep gradients, Mud in Season

Distance: 13 km

Driving Time (estimated): 2 – 4 hours

Contact: Herman & Dawn du Toit

Telephone: 079 208 0209 / 082 905 2430



Ingogo SafarisIngogo Safaris

Closest Town/s: n/a

Grade (1 – 5): 1

Type of Terrain: Sand, Game Drive, Scenic Drive, Hunting

Distance: n/a

Driving Time (estimated): n/a

Contact: Reception

Telephone: +27 (0)71 60 878 43 / +27 (0)82 55 150 29



Great Limpopo Wilderness Camps and Trails:

Great Limpopo

Telephone: +27 21 701 7860



The Lang Hans TrailThe Lang Hans Trail

Closest Town/s: Mopani Rest Camp, Kruger National Park

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Game Drive, Scenic Drive, Grasslands, Riverebeds

Distance: n/a

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 5 nights / 5 – 6 days


Luvuvhu 4x4 Trail

Luvuvhu Trail

Closest Town/s: Phalaborwa, 5 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Game Drive, River Crossing, Scenic Drive, Rocks, Sand, Steep Gradients

Distance: 250 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 6 nights / 100 hours

Mabote River Camp Mabote River Camp

Closest Town/s: Potgietersrus, 64 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 3

Type of Terrain: Rocky, Sand, Mud in season

Distance: 4 Trails, 8.5 km in total.

Driving Time (estimated): 2 – 4 hours

Contact: Esme Peens

Telephone: 015 453 0792 / 083 601 9866



Mabulani Game RanchMabulani Game Ranch

Closest Town/s: Bela-Bela

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 2

Type of Terrain: n/a

Distance: 12 km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 – 2 hours

Contact: Stella or Christo

Telephone: 082 450 7105 / 083 2555 069



Mananga TrailMananga Trail

Closest Town/s: Satara, 11 km / Hazyview, 158 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 3

Type of Terrain: Riverbeds, Grass, Rocks, Dirt, Dongas, Game Drive

Distance: 48 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 6 hours

Contact: Reception

Telephone: +27 13 735 6306



Makete Trail Mateke Trail

Closest Town/s: Thabazimbi, 65 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: Rocky, Mud, Very Steep Gradients, River crossings.

Distance: 23 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 5 hours

Contact: Theresa Meintjies

Telephone: 014 779 0719 / 073 703 4636



Mawela/Sussens Scenic DriveMawela/Sussens Scenic Drive

Closest Town/s: Makhado,  

Grade (1 – 5): 3

Type of Terrain: Scenic / Game Drive, Sand, Rocks

Distance: 3 km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 hour

Contact: n/a

Telephone: 015 517 7008


Website: n/a

Nonokani TrailNonokani Trail

Closest Town/s: Phalaborwa, 20 km / Masorini Picnic Site, 46 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1

Type of Terrain: Scenic Drive, Game Drive, Dirt, Gravel

Distance: 62 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 6 hours

Contact: Raymond Travers

Telephone: 013 735 4116 / 082 908 2677



Northern Plains

 Northern Plains Trail

Closest Town/s: Shingwedzi and Pafuri: 49km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 2

Type of Terrain: Scenic Drive, Rocks, Game Drive, Dirt, Gravel

Distance: 49 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 7 hours

Contact: Punda Maria

Telephone: 013 735 6806 / 013 735 6873

Email: n/a


Popallin Ranch Popallin Ranch 

Closest Town/s: Musina, 63 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3

Type of Terrain: Sand, Dunes, Bushveld, Game Drive

Distance: 5 Trails, 35 km

Driving Time (estimated): 7 – 8 hours

Contact: De Wet Bezuidenhoudt

Telephone: 082 903 0291 / 082 901 5458



Rametsi Eco Game FarmRametsi Eco Game Farm

Closest Town/s: Sun City, 60 km

Grade (1 – 5): n/a

Type of Terrain: n/a

Distance: n/a

Driving Time (estimated): n/a

Contact: n/a

Telephone: 071 2800 638



Sekororo Adventures Sekororo Adventures

Closest Town/s: Tzaneen, 42 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 5

Type of Terrain: Steep Gradients, Off-camber, River Crossings, Boulder Climb

Distance: i) 80 – 100 km ii) 16 km

Driving Time (estimated): i) 1 – 7 days ii) 2 days

Contact: Louw Booysen

Telephone: 082 808 0848


Website: n/a

Serendipity TrailsSerendipity Trails

Closest Town/s: Naboomspruit, 12 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: Mountains, River Crossings, Technical Sections

Distance: 36 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 8 hours

Contact: Ania & Wilma

Telephone: 081 097 5030 / 082 553 3266



Shelanti Game ReserveShelanti Game Reserve

Closest Town/s: Vlakpan, 60 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1

Type of Terrain: Game Drive, Scenic Drive

Distance: n/a

Driving Time (estimated): n/a

Contact: n/a

Telephone: 082 900 5100



Taaibos Taaibos

Closest Town/s: Vaalwater, 30 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Scenic Drive, Rocky, River Crossings

Distance: 2 trails (14km, 20 km)

Driving Time (estimated): 5 – 7 hour

Contact: Charmaine and Christo Pistorius

Telephone: 014 754 4462 / 082 670 0792

Email: n/a

Website: n/a

Yellow Wood Game Lodge Yellow Wood Game Lodge 

Closest Town/s: Naboomspruit, 45 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 5

Type of Terrain: Steep Inclines, River crossings, Game Drive

Distance: 17 km

Driving Time (estimated): 2 – 3 Hours

Contact: Nicky Smith

Telephone: 082 575 3219 / 083 624 9457




Closest Town/s:

Grade (1 – 5):

Type of Terrain:


Driving Time (estimated):





More 4×4 Trails in Limpopo:

  • Rust de Winter 4×4 Bundu Trail
  • Sondela
  • Thabphaswa Mountain Retreat
  • Ubumanzi Game Lodge & 4×4 Trail

Four Wheel Driving in Limpopo

In terms of the diversity of its geology, climate, terrain, and sheer number of 4×4 trails, Limpopo is the only province that comes close to rivalling the Western Cape: Limpopo also has the most, and the longest eco-trails in South Africa, most notably those in the Kruger-, Mapungubwe-, and Limpopo Trans Frontier Parks. In addition to these mammoth, if not quite epic trails, one of which is longer than 500 kms, Limpopo also hosts a multitude of “regular” off-road trails, of which many are advertised online and easily accessible; however, many trails are not advertised at all, except by word-of-mouth, so ask around for trails in whatever part of the province you find yourself- you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Limpopo is second only to the Western Cape in the quality, difficulty, diversity, and number of its off-road trails, making it a 4×4 destination of choice with trails suitable for all skill levels and vehicles, from those suitable only for highly specialized 4×4’s, to 2×4 “bakkies”, to softroaders with CVT transmissions- and in one instance, even a 124-Series Mercedes-Benz sedan that successfully completed a certain eco-trail in the Waterberg region, the name and location of which will for obvious reasons not be disclosed here, lest some other foreign tourist is tempted to try the same foolish stunt, but it all goes to show that (almost) anything is possible in Limpopo. Nonetheless, below are some examples of off-road trails in Limpopo for which proper, low range, high ground clearance 4×4 vehicles are required, and not merely recommended:

Lebombo Overland Eco Trail: (Kruger national Park)

This guided only, five-day-four-night, 525 km-long self-drive eco-trail along the Lebombo Mountain range from Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp all the way to Pafuri in the far north, departs every Sunday during the months of April to October. While the route does not amount to an obstacle course, there are nevertheless some tricky sections with sand, steep-ish gradients with loose gravel, some rocky sections, and sticky mud during rain. Fuel and supplies are available at Lower Sabie, Olifants-, and Shingwedzi Rest Camps. Accommodation is in unfenced camps, but the main attractions of this eco-trail lay in the spectacular scenery and unparalleled opportunities for game viewing in the 30 habitats the route passes through. Note: This trail is in a malaria area, which means suitable precautions must be taken.

Shingwedzi 4×4 Trail: (Limpopo Transfrontier Park)

This guided only, one-way eco/survival trail between Pafuri-, and Letaba Rest Camps, permits only low range, high ground clearance 4WD vehicles with full fuel tanks, and carrying lots of water since there are no opportunities for refuelling or replenishing supplies of any kind on the 250 km-long route that takes around 100 hours to complete. Although there are no serious obstacles, apart from some shallow water crossings, the route consists mainly of wilderness tracks and gravel management roads. Participants are required to be fully self-sufficient for the duration of the trip; water is available only on the first and third nights, and no facilities are available.

The upside however, is the spectacular scenery along the Luvuvhu River, along which the trail runs. This area has some of the finest scenery in all of Africa, making the lack of facilities no particularly heavy burden to bear. Note: This trail also passes through a malaria area, and suitable precautions are required.

Mateke Game Reserve: (Waterberg Region)

This Reserve offers a series of off-road trails that can be linked to create a single, 23 km-long grade 1-3 trail that needs about five hours to complete. Some parts of these trails have ridiculously steep ascents/descents that require spotters, or navigators to negotiate safely, and the several challenging rocky areas on this collection of trails can only be traversed by proper, low range, high ground clearance 4×4’s. These trails are accessible the year round, with some sections set aside for softroaders.

Modimolle: (Waterberg Region)

This area also hosts another collection of off-road trails that can be linked to form a single, 40 km-long grade 3-5 trail that is not recommended for novice or inexperienced drivers. Taking anything up to six hours to complete (not counting recovery time), this trail requires some degree of technical driving through mud, deep-water crossings in the wet season, steep rocky slopes, side slopes, steep gorges, and sections with thick sand. Apart from the challenging driving conditions, this area has an incredibly rich bird life, as well as several antelope species

Rust de Winter: (Vhembe Region)

This area hosts a particularly challenging guided grade 3-4 trail through 80 kms of exquisitely beautiful scenery with steep inclines, deep sand, water crossings, rocky stretches, and plenty of mud in wet conditions. This highly technical circular trail requires an overnight stay at a bush camp, and takes around 48 hours to complete. This trail should not be attempted by novice or inexperienced drivers, and proper low range, high ground clearance 4×4’s with recovery points, and more than just basic recovery equipment are required.

Phalaborwa: (Mopani Region)

This area hosts another mammoth, guided-only 250 km-long eco-trail between Phalaborwa and the Pafuri Gate of the Kruger National Park, following the western boundary of the Park. Taking about 100 hours to complete, and since there are no re-supply points on the trail, all participants are required to be fully self-sufficient for the duration of this trip through some of the most spectacular scenery in South Africa. Although this route does not have an official difficulty grading, the terrain is rugged and even challenging in places, with deep-water crossings, steep inclines, mud in wet conditions, thick sand, and some rocks, making it unsuitable for softroaders without low range. This is Big Five country, so be on the lookout for elephants, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and lions, as well as a huge variety of bird species.

While most of the scenic parts of Limpopo are accessible from the 6 780 kilometres of surfaced roads, vastly more of the province can be experienced by exploring the 15 219 kms of unpaved gravel roads that cover the province. The enterprising Limpopo off-road tourist is spoilt for choice in deciding where to go next since Limpopo has more listed geographical points than any other province, and nearly an equal number of gravel roads on which to get to them. However, while many, if not most gravel roads in Limpopo have good surfaces, there are many that resemble obstacle courses, or off-road trails, which is what makes driving on gravel roads often as much fun – and challenging, as any eco- trail, but with the added advantage that using them is generally free.

However, with as many dirt roads and routes as there are possible destinations in Limpopo, touring the roads less travelled can be a challenge because they are usually badly signposted, and often do not appear on maps and GPS devices. Back roads are often closed without warning and for no apparent reason, an unwelcome circumstance that could well cause you to be stuck, or lost a long way from any form of assistance. A sensible way of approaching back road touring is to employ a route planner, who will calculate the driving distance of each leg, provide GPS waypoints, make bookings for accommodation, check on, and confirm road conditions and/or closures, while keeping to your intended itinerary and budget as far as is possible, or practical. More on Limpopo tourism for the off-road traveler >>

Limpopo is divided into 5 districts:

Limpopo - CapriconCapricorn: named after the Tropic of Capricorn, 23º26′ South which runs threw the area. For the nature lover and 4×4 traveller, the bushveld, grassy plains and mountains of the region hosts a good variety of wildlife and plant species.


Limpopo - MopaniMopani: This district is home to the Greater Olifants River and part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. On offer are scenic landscape with mountains, rivers and historic sites, but above all it is rich in wildlife.


Limpopo - SekhukhuneSekhukhune: This region with Groblerdal as capital, is named after king Sekhukhune, of the Bapedi, and is known for its mining and fertile soil growing a large variety of crops like citrus, and tobacco. Many of the roads in the area are gravel roads, making it 4×4 vehicle country.


limpopo - VhembeVhembe: The Vhembe district is one of the diverse regions for natural, cultural and archaeological systems in Africa. The region formost known for its bushveld, wildlife including many bird species and baobab trees.


Limpopo - WaterbergWaterberg: This region is named after the fabulous Waterberg mountain range, which is an area for the true 4×4 explorer and Big 5 wildlife lover. The Waterberg mountain and area, with its gorges, streams and hill are the jewel of this region.


Limpopo Tourism for the 4×4 Owner

Tourism is the 3rd most important industry after mining and agriculture. The area is known for its wildlife and Bushveld scenery, making it an ideal destination for the 4×4 traveller and host for the Limpopo 4×4 trails. With about 50 nature reserves and national parks, ranging from smaller wildlife resorts to the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park, it provides escape to every off-road vehicle owner and explorer.limpopo - tourism

Limpopo Parks, Game Reserves, National Parks and Nature Reserves in Limpopo are:

Kruger National Park

Marakele National Park

Mapungubwe National Park

Manyeleti Game ReserveFriends of Blouberg

Hans Merensky Resort

Langjan Nature Reserve

Ndzalama Wilderness Reserve

Umbabat Nature Reserve

Wolkberg Wilderness Area

Mabula Private Game Reserve

Tilodi Wilderness

Mokolo Dam

Venetia Limpopo Nature Reserve

Welgevonden Private Game Reserve

Mabalingwe Game Reserve

Makalali Private Game Reserve

Selati Game Reserve

Ben Alberts Nature Reserve

Lekgalameetse Resort


Timbavati Nature Reserve

D’Nyala Nature Reserve

Doorndraai Dam Resort

Masebe Nature Reserve

Nylsvley Conservancy

Blouberg Nature Reserve

Percy Fyfe Conservancy

Makuya Nature Reserve

Manavhela Ben Lavin Nature Reserve

Musina Nature Reserve

Hans Merensky

Modjadji Nature Reserve

Schuinsdraai Nature Reserve

Balule Nature Reserve

Atherstone Nature Reserve

Rust de Winter Dam Resort

Mokolo Dam

Lekgalameetse Provincial Park

Nwanedi Provincial Park

Letaba Ranch Provincial Park

Man’Ombe Wildlife Resort

Tzaneen Dam

Andover Nature Reserve

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