Lesotho 4×4 Trails

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Lesotho 4×4 Trails:

Afriski Mountain Route

Afri Ski – Katse Dam Wall

Closest Town/s: Butha-Buthe, 80 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: River Crossing, Mountain Climb, Rocky, Scenic Drive

Distance (total): 230 Km

Driving Time (estimated): 8 – 12 hours (depending on weather conditions)

Contact: bookings/reception

Telephone: +266 595 44 734 / +27 87 357 0250 / 0861 AFRISKI/ 2374754

Email: bookings@afriski.net and reception@afriski.net

GPS: -28.8231545, 28.7278959

Website: www.afriski.net

Beyond Sani Pass

Beyond Sani Pass

Closest Town/s: Underberg, 22km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 4

Type of Terrain: Rocky, Desert Terrain, Scenic / Game Drive

Distance: 230 km

Driving Time (estimated): 2 days

Contact: reception

Telephone: 270 33 702 0203 / 270 82 561 3275 / +27 (0) 865 439 699

Email: info@sanivalley.co.za

GPS: -29.6877676, 29.4543532

Website: www.sanivalley.co.za

Cannibal Pass Trail

Closest Town/s: Ramabanta

Grade (1 – 5) 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: Rocky, Desert Gorge / Sand

Distance: 30 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3-4

Contact: Ashley & Jennifer

Telephone: 00266 22 340 202 / 082 773 2180

Email: n/a

Website: n/a

Letsapong Cannibal Cave Trail

Closest Town/s: Makhaleng River

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: Mountainous / Rocky Terrain, Sand / Desert Terrain, Steep Gradients

Distance: 6 km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 hr

Contact: Ashley & Jennifer

Telephone: 00266 22 340 202, 082 773 2180

Email: n/a

Website: n/a

Mother in Law’s Tongue

Closest Town/s: Fouriesberg

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: River Crossings, Rocky / Grassy Terrain, Steep Gradients, Muddy ( depends on season)

Distance: 360 km

Driving Time (estimated): 2 – 3 days

Contact: Steve Botha

Telephone: 033 701 2759 / 082 233 0713

Email: adventures@the-safari-guys.com

Website: n/a

Rapo-le-Boea Trails

Closest Town/s: Makhalaneng

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: n/a

Distance: 42 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 4 hours

Contact: Ashley & Jennifer

Telephone: 00266 22 340 202 / 00266 22 340 202

Email: n/a

Website: n/a

Roof of Africa Trails

Closest Town/s: Underberg

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: n/a

Distance: 140 km

Driving Time (estimated): 5 days

Contact: Steve Botha

Telephone: 033 701 2759 / 082 233 0713

Email: cdta@futurenet.co.za

Website: n/a

Four Wheel Drive Trails in Lesotho

Even though Lesotho has a poorly developed tourist infrastructure, off-road tourism fortunately does not require fancy hotels, airport shuttle services, and everything else that goes with that. The only thing off-road tourist in Lesotho needs is a well-prepared 4WD vehicle, some free time, and the inclination to explore the highest gravel roads in Africa. Below is a selection of the extreme 4×4 routes on offer in the Mountain Kingdom, but please note that the routes listed here all require 4WD vehicles with low range, and drivers with above average skills.

Quthing Valley 4×4 Route

This adventure/cultural trail that starts either at Moorosi or Mphake, and ends at Ongeluksnek, takes in the Malekgonyane Nature Reserve, Letseng-la-Letsio lake, Mt Moorosi Fortress, Fort Hartley, as well as two mountain passes- Manyemotsa Pass and Ongeluksnek Pass. Other attractions include pony trekking, cultural performances, and viewing dinosaur footprints, and even quad bike routes. Time to complete this route varies, depending on how much time is spent at the various stopovers, but set aside a full day for this tour.

Mountain Biking / 4×4 Route

This route, which links up with the Highland Ski Route, takes in the iconic Sani Pass, Matebeng Pass, and some of the most dramatic scenery in Lesotho. Other attractions include the Tsoelikane Waterfall, Sehlaba Thebe National Park, and the highest point in Southern Africa, at Thabana Ntlenyana. Fuel and supplies are available in Thaba Tseka and Mokhotlong. Please note that the route demands exceptional driving skills and vehicles with low range to negotiate Sani Pass safely.

Extreme 4×4 Route

Although this route does not offer as many attractions and side-trips as the other two routes mentioned here, the scenery is just as dramatic, but the main difference lays in the fact that it is not recommended for novice, or inexperienced drivers. The route includes the Tlaeeng Pass, which is the highest road pass in Southern Africa, and which requires advanced driving skills.

This route tests the skill of off-road drivers to the utmost and only proper 4WD vehicles with low range, above average ground clearance, and suitable protection against rocks should attempt it. The route starts at Tlaeeng Pass, ends at Ha Lejone, and can take a full day to complete. More on Lesotho tourism for the off-road traveler >>

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