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4x4 Africa - Free State 4x4 Trails Free State 4×4 Trails

The 4×4 trails in the Free State offers a variety of savanna grassland, mountains and bushveld dirt roads. The Four Wheel Drivers of the Free State is well situated in the centre of South Africa. Being within a day’s drive from most other provinces, making trail variety a bonus.

For the size of the area, it can do with more trails. Therefore please contact us with more trail info, so it can be added to the Free State 4×4 Trails list. Updates of the existing trail list is also welcome. We welcome all trails; be it commercially operated paid trails, a scenic dirt road or a few bog holes… Follow this link to contact us.

Berakah Eco

Berakah 4×4 Eco Trail (Also listed under GP and NW Trails)

Closest Town/s: Parys, 14 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 4

Type of Terrain: Mud, steep gradients, riverbeds, mountain tracks, rocks, sand and water crossings.

Distance: 15 km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 – 2 days

Contact: Lenie & Andre

Telephone: 082 339 9177 / 082 598 0559 / 056 818 1313

Email: /

GPS: -26.823472, 27.367406


BergwoningBusStop & Bergwoning Guest Farm – Di Bus Stop

Closest Town/s: Clarence, 15 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Rocky sections, river crossings and mossy boulders

Distance: 6 km

Driving Time (estimated): 2  hours

Contact: reception

Telephone: 071 830 9998


GPS: -28.514032, 28.5592513


De Ark De Ark Game Ranch 

Closest Town/s: Clarens, 5 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Open Plain, Rocky, Mountainous Scenery, Scenic Drive

Distance: 6 km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 – 2 Hours

Contact: Office Desk

Telephone: 078 469 7869



Didibeng Mountain ParkDidibeng Mountain Park

Closest Town/s: Fouriesburg, 10 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 4

Type of Terrain: Ravines, Grasslands, Rocky Mountain Passes, Steep Inclines, loose Rocks.

Distance: 33km (4 trails)

Driving Time (estimated): 12 hours to 3 days

Contact: Fritz or Jo Kerkhoff

Telephone: 058 223 0067




Donkerpoort Eco Trail

Closest Town/s: Gariepdam, 10 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: Steep Gradients, Dongas, Muddy Bogs, River Crossings, Rocky Outcrops

Distance: 20 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 5 Hours

Contact: Ernie Griesel

Telephone: 082 306 9300



Ficksburg Ficksburg 4×4

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: Mountain Scenery, River Crossings/Beds, Muddy Bogs, Grassy

Distance: 22 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 5 Hours

Contact: Soois Gerber

Telephone: 074768963



Groenkloof Groenkloof 4×4 Trail

Closest Town/s: Clocolan, 27 km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 3

Type of Terrain: Sandstone cliffs, Grasslands

Distance: 26 and 22 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 5 and 2 – 3 hours

Contact: Karin Botha

Telephone: 051 943 0174 / 082 465 9108


Website: n/a

Koranna GetawayKoranna Getaway

Closest Town/s: Clocolan, 26 km

Grade (1 – 5): Plateau Trail: 3; Kloof Trail: 5

Type of Terrain: Sand and Rock trails, Steep Inclines, Sharp Turns,

Distance: 2 Trails: 22 and 14km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 12 hours

Contact: Johan and Isa Eksteen

Telephone: 082 302 9638 / 082 449 8430

Email: /


Korannaberg AdventuresKorannaberg Adventures Van Zoelenshoek (Korannaberg 4X4 trail)

Closest Town/s: Excelsior, 30 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: Grasslands, Challenging Rocky terrain, Steep Inclines

Distance: 45km (3 Trails)

Driving Time (estimated): 8 hours – 2 days

Contact: Anorica Erasmus or Janus Franken

Telephone: 076 860 4023 / 079 603 3837



Moolmanshoek Moolmanshoek 4×4 Eco Routes

Closest Town/s: Ficksburg, 35km

Grade (1 – 5): 2 – 5

Type of Terrain: Grasslands, Swampy areas, Rocky terrain, Sandstone rock, Steep gradients.

Distance: 4 Trails of 20 km, 10 km, 8 km, 2 km

Driving Time (estimated): 4 – 5 hours, 2 – 3 hours, 2 – 3 hours, 2 hours

Contact: Willie Nel

Telephone: 051 933 2220 / 051 933 3729



Moresonranch Moresonranch 4×4 Trail & Holiday Farm

Closest Town/s: Vrede, 8 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3

Type of Terrain: Grasslands, Rocky outcrops.

Distance: 20 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 Hours

Contact: Awie Marais

Telephone: 058 913 9901



Old Mill Drift Old Mill Drift 4×4 Trail (Possibly Abandoned)

Closest Town/s: Clarens & Fouriesburg, 17 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 4

Type of Terrain: Compact Gravel, Rocks, Mountain slopes, Steep descends, Riverbeds

Distance: 20 km

Driving Time (estimated): 6 – 8 Hours

Contact: Frank Lozear

Telephone: 058 256 1953 / 058 256 1323


Website: n/a

Rebellie Game Farm Rebellie Game Farm 4×4 Trail

Closest Town/s: Clarens, 3 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3 – 5

Type of Terrain: Mountain trail, rock climbs, steep ascents.

Distance (total): 17.5 km, or 18 km

Driving Time (estimated): 3 – 4 hours

Contact: Nic Prinsloo

Telephone: 083 627 839



Riverside 4x4 TrailRiverside 4×4 Trail

Closest Town/s: Kroonstad, 70km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 2

Type of Terrain: Sand, Rock, Mud, Water, Steep Inclines,

Distance (total): 25 km

Driving Time (estimated): 6 – 8 Hours

Contact: Hans and Althea de Vos

Telephone: 056 471 0812 / 083 444 5499



Shumba Shumba 4×4 Trail

Closest Town/s: Fouriesburg, 9 km

Grade (1 – 5): 3

Type of Terrain: Mountain scenery

Distance (total): 30km; (more off farm trails on request)

Driving Time (estimated): 5 hours

Contact: Bob Armour

Telephone: 058 223 0277, 072 227 6752, 084 562 9818



Tussen die RiviereTussen die Riviere Nature Reserve

Closest Town/s: Bethulie, 15 km

Grade (1 – 5): 1 – 2

Type of Terrain: Gravel Roads, Game Drive, Plant life,

Distance (total): Up to 120 Km

Driving Time (estimated): Various

Contact: Reception

Telephone: 051 763 1000

Email: n/a

Website: n/a

Zodiac Zodiac 4×4 Trails & Breakaway Trails

Closest Town/s: Rouxville, 11km

Grade (1 – 5): 3

Type of Terrain: Rock, Dongas, Mud

Distance (total): 25km

Driving Time (estimated): 1 Day

Contact: Boeije de Wet

Telephone: 073 376 7300 or 072 310 1595


Website: n/a

Four Wheel Driving in the Free State

North Eastern Free State:

The 4×4 trails in the north of the province would have been a tad boring if it was not for the asteroid impact near Parys and Vredefort some 2000 million years ago. Today, the area consists of a ring of mountains and hills created during the impact, which means that the 4×4 trails in this area are frequently steep, rocky, and often challenging, if not downright difficult. Several 4×4 trails in the Parys area, for instance, include all of the elements of a good 4×4 trail; mountainous terrain, which means steep gradients with loose gravel surfaces, stretches of sandy savannah, equally sandy spots in dense bushveld, and some water crossings with both rocky and sandy bottoms.

Towards the north east, around the Memel area, the 4×4 trails are mostly in relatively wet areas, due to the wetlands here, which means lots of mud, and water crossings, however the further east one goes, the more rugged the terrain becomes. The eastern Free State is mostly mountainous, and although mud is not completely absent, there is less of it, but be prepared for some very challenging gradients over rocky terrain, both rocky and sandy dry river beds, and rutted farm tracks.

Most of the trails in these areas are graded at between 2 and 4, and should ideally only be attempted by experienced drivers with proper 4×4’s with low range, diff locks, and recovery gear. However, there are also several less demanding 4×4 trails for less experienced drivers with softer vehicles.

Southern/Western Free State:

Although there is approximately 2 000km of off road tracks in the Free State of which 400km fall in protected areas, there are not many 4×4 trails in the southern and western regions. However, the Free State has 22 179km of gravel roads, a very large percentage of which falls into these parts. From the perspective of Free State off-road tourism, this is a good thing, since some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in the southern Free State can be seen from gravel roads, because they lead right into the soul of the area; not always by the easiest route but more often than not via the most scenic way. A good example of this is the tight, twisting road from Bethulie to Burgersdorp through, and over koppies, gorges, and narrow bridges. You can follow the tarred route that will also get you to Burgersdorp, but in the absence of 4×4 trails in the area, going off-road on a vast network of gravel roads is the better choice, and by a large margin too.

The western parts of the province is generally flat, and the deep soils make for muddy, and often impossible conditions on the few 4×4 trails that spring up from time to time, however, the flatness of the terrain, and the attendant lack of real obstacles, mean that 4×4 trails do not survive for long before they are abandoned, or closed down.

However, with as many dirt roads and routes as there are places to go, in these parts Free State off-road tourism is best experienced by touring the extensive gravel road network, which consists of back roads that can be as much fun, and often as challenging, as any 4×4 trail, even though it can sometimes be a challenge because they are often badly signposted, and frequently do not appear on maps and GPS devices. Back roads are frequently closed without warning and for no apparent reason, which could well cause you to be stuck, or lost a long way from any form of help.

A sensible way to tackle back road touring in the Free State is to employ a route planner, who will work out the driving distance of each leg, provide GPS waypoints, make bookings for accommodation, check on, and confirm road conditions and closures, while keeping to your intended itinerary and budget as far as is possible. More on Free State Tourism for the Off-Road Traveler >>

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