4×4 Trail Icon Glossary

4x4 Africa - 4x4 Trail Icon GlossaryThe 4×4 Trail Icon Glossary is at aim to clarify and explain the icons found on the 4×4 Trails pages.


 Closest Town or Towns and distance from them

Towns and distances from Trail:

Some of the closest towns to the trail, as well as the approximate distance from those towns. The sizes of these town do vary and so does the available services and facilities. If unfamiliar with the towns listed, please do some research before departing on your trip.

 Trail Grade 1 to 5

Trail Grading:

The 4×4 trails in South and Southern Africa are graded for difficulty. 1 being very easy and can be done a 4×2 vehicle; and 5 being for very experienced off-road drivers, where recovery gear is essential. For a more in depth discussion on experience and vehicle requirements, please follow this link: https://4x4africa.co.za/4×4-trails/

 Type of Terrain to expect

 Type of Terrain:

What type of terrain can be expected on the 4×4 trail? It can vary form steep inclines and declines, off-camber and steep break-over angles, challenging approach and departure angles, rocky and grave trails, sand mud and snow, water crossings and rivers or it can be beautiful scenery and a game drive. The types off terrain listed might only be an indication of some of the features. Weather conditions can change an easy trail into a nightmare, therefore it is best to first check ahead.

 Trail Distance

 Trail Distance:

Distance or distances of the trail. Some trails might only be one circular trail, while others could be from point A to point B, not taking into account the return journey. Some trails consist of various shorter trails, or have short-cuts or escape routes for by-passing grade 4 or 5 sections. Therefore exact trail distance is an indication only.

 Trail Driving Time - estemate

 Driving time (estimate):

How long would it take to complete the mentioned trail distance? That is one of the more difficult statements to make. Driving time will vastly differ from one person to another and add to that vehicle capabilities… The stated driving time is therefore a very rough guestimate based on an average that would exclude ply-time and birdwatching…

 Trail operator to contact

Contact persons:

Contact persons or reception at larger venues. The stated names can change from day to day and in some instances outdated. It is nice to ask for someone in person, but it is more important to reach the correct trail operator’s “office” than knowing who to speak to…

 Telephone number of trail operator

 Telephone Numbers:

Land-line or Cell phone telephone numbers of the trail operator or owner. If no answer try an email…

 Email address of contact

 Email Address:

Email address of the trail owner or operator. There are many of the smaller (less popular) trails where emails are not checked too often, therefore it is best to phone them, just to confirm receipt of your email.

 Website url


For more information on the specific 4×4 trail or scenic drive, a website URL is provided. Some trails do not have a specific website, we therefore attempted to list sub-domain of a website from a national or regional tourist organisation who covered the trail.

What is next

What is next?


Please Note:

The above icons and those found elsewhere on this website, are the exclusive use of 4×4 Africa and is not to be copied or used by any person or organisation without the approval of 4×4 Africa. If interested in using any of the 4×4 trail icons please contact us first: https://4x4africa.co.za/contact-4×4-africa/