Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs

Please contact 4×4 Africa for:

  • Off-road and 4×4 clubs in the Eastern Cape that are not listed.
  • Corrections and updates of listed clubs.
  • a Free Web Page with something about your club and photos.
  • a Listing, even when not an official club, and just a bunch of 4×4 minded people; providing you are open to new “members”.

Eastern Cape 4x4 Clubs - Algoa Toyota 4x4

Algoa Toyota 4×4

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: 64 Luneville Rd, Lorraine, Port Elizabeth, 6070

Contact: Jenny-Lee Kleynhans (Secretary)

Cell: 084 962 0625

Telephone: n/a

Email: jm.kleynhans@gmail.com

Website: www.algoatoyota4x4club.co.za/

Eastern Cape 4x4 Clubs - Amatola Off-Road Club

Amatola Off-Road Club

Town/Area: Eastern Cape

Address: PO Box 357, Gonubie, East London 5256

Contact: Patrick Hurst

Cell: 083 281 2189

Telephone: n/a

Email: phurst@ancot.co.za

Website: n/a

Eastern Cape 4x4 Clubs - Border 4x4 Club

Border 4×4 Club

Town/Area: East London

Address: PO Box 164, Komga, 4950

Contact: Nick Els

Cell: 083 282 9272

Telephone: 043 831 123

Email: beat@computronics.co.za

Website: n/a

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - Eastern Cape 4x4 Challenge Club

Eastern Cape 4×4 Challenge Club

Town/Area: Eastern Cape

Address: n/a

Contact: Winneray Fourie (Secretary)

Cell: 082 788 8214

Telephone: n/a

Email: easterncape4x4challengeclub@gmail.com

Website: n/a

EP 4 Wheelers Club

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: PO Box 3701, 64 Luneville Rd, Lorraine, PE, 6070

Contact: Jeff Guscott

Cell: n/a

Telephone: 041 374 7300

Email: bordseal@xsinet.co.za

Website: n/a

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - 4 Wheel Drive Club of SA

FWDCSA – Port Elizabeth

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: PO Box 19176, Linton Grange, 6015

Contact: Deon Strydom

Cell: 082 773 2224

Telephone: n/a

Email: info@fwdcsa.co.za

Website: http://www.fwdcsape.co.za/

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - Jeep Club of SA, East London Chapter

Jeep Club SA – East London Chapter

Town/Area: East London

Address: n/a

Contact: Jean Kotze

Cell: 082 494 4149

Telephone: n/a

Email: el@jeepclubsa.co.za

Website: http://www.jeepclubsa.co.za/

Komani Bundu Bashers Queenstown

Komani Bundu Bashers

Town/Area: Queenstown

Address: WhatsApp Chat Group

Contact: Brian Taylor

Cell: 072 839 8821

Telephone: n/a

Email: brian.taylor.sa71@gmail.com

Website: “WhatsApp Group”

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - Land Rovers Owners Club, PE Chapter

Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa – PE Chapter

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: PO Box 22016, Lyttelton, 0140

Contact: Paul Foster

Cell: 083 458 5701

Telephone: n/a

Email: paulf@sie.co.za

Website: http://www.lroc.org.za/

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - Land Rovers Owners, Border Chapter

Land Rover Owners Club – Border Chapter

Town/Area: East London

Address: PO Box 1061, East London, 5200

Contact: Kevin Gravett

Cell: 082 927 6295

Telephone: n/a

Email: lroc.border@gmail.com

Website: http://www.lroc.org.za/contact_us.asp

Off the Beaten Track 4WD Club - PE

Off the Beaten Track 4WD Club

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: Hunter Rd, Cockharts Hope, Eastern Cape.

Contact: Vaughn Coetzee

Cell: 083 471 4201

Telephone: n/a

Email: offthebeatentrack@yahoo.com

Website: n/a

Eastern Cape 4×4 Clubs - Off-Road 4x4 Club Queenstown

Queenstown 4×4 Off-Road Club

Town/Area: Queenstown, Eastern Cape

Address: PO Box 2356, Komani, 5322

Contact: Simon Morris

Cell: 083 703 6430

Telephone: n/a

Email: bigballs@vodamail.co.za

Website: n/a

X-TRAX 4×4 Adventure Club

Town/Area: Port Elizabeth

Address: PO Box 28578, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth

Contact: Gavin Schaefer

Cell: 083 321 4588

Telephone: n/a

Email: gavin@crosstrax.co.za

Website: n/a